Understanding Staking on Sky Hause: A Simple Guide

We’re excited to bring you a new way to earn rewards while supporting the value of $SKYH. With the launch of our staking platform, developed in collaboration with Armada Fi, you now have the opportunity to stake your $SKYH tokens and earn weekly rewards. Let's break down how it works, ensuring it's easy to understand for everyone.

The Essence of Staking on Sky Hause

At its core, staking in the Sky Hause ecosystem allows you to lock up $SKYH tokens for a specified period, starting with a minimum of one month. This action is not just about earning rewards; it's a pivotal support mechanism for the $SKYH value, balancing the dual objectives of minimizing inflation while rewarding our faithful community.

Understanding the Rewards System

The rewards pool available for stakers ranges from 25,000 to 1,000,000 $SKYH tokens weekly. This variation hinges on the number of participants—crafted to ensure the rewards are significant yet sustainable, preventing high inflation that could dilute $SKYH's value.

Example to Illustrate:

Let's delve into a hypothetical scenario to clarify the rewards mechanism:

  • Participant A decides to stake 100 $SKYH for 1 month.

  • Participant B stakes the same amount but opts for a 12-month period.

Because of the weighted rewards system, Participant B, who commits for a longer period, will enjoy a more substantial share of the rewards compared to Participant A. The system is designed to acknowledge and compensate for the duration of the stake, promoting long-term participation and investment in the Sky Hause ecosystem.

A pivotal aspect of the Sky Hause Staking Platform is its use of multipliers and weights to determine how rewards are distributed among participants. These elements are crucial for ensuring a fair and incentivizing system that rewards commitment and investment in the platform. Here’s a breakdown of each concept and its role in the staking process:

Multiplier: The "multiplier" refers to a factor that increases the value of your stake based on the duration you choose to lock your $SKYH tokens. Simply put, the longer you stake your tokens, the higher your multiplier. For example, staking for the minimum period might offer a 1x multiplier, whereas staking for a year could provide a 2x multiplier. This means that for the same amount of staked tokens, the stake with a 2x multiplier is considered twice as valuable in terms of calculating your share of the rewards pool.

Weight: The "weight" of your stake is calculated by applying the multiplier to the amount of $SKYH tokens you've staked. It represents the effective value of your stake in the context of rewards distribution. For instance, if you stake 100 $SKYH with a 2x multiplier, your stake weight is 200. This weight is then used to determine your proportion of the total rewards pool, relative to the weights of other participants’ stakes.

Individual Reward=(Individual Stake Weight/Total Stake Weight ​)×Total Rewards

  • Individual Stake Weight: Calculated using the formula above for each user.

  • Total Stake Weight: The sum of the stake weights of all users participating in the staking pool.

  • Total Rewards: The total amount of rewards available for distribution.

Detail Scenario:

  • Staker A: Stakes 100 tokens for 1 month. Their stake weight is 100×1=100.

  • Staker B: Stakes 100 tokens for 1 year. Their stake weight is 100×2=200.

Calculating Total Stake Weight:

Total Stake Weight=100+200=300

Calculating Individual Rewards:

  • Staker A’s Reward:

(100/300)×Total Rewards=1/3×Total Rewards

  • Staker B’s Reward:

(200/300)×Total Rewards=2/3×Total Rewards

How They Work Together: The integration of multipliers and weights in our staking platform is designed to recognize and reward the contributions of stakers according to both the quantity of their stake and their commitment duration. By employing this system, Sky Hause ensures that rewards are allocated not just based on how much you stake, but also how long you're willing to support the ecosystem through staking. It’s our way of saying "thank you" to our community members who demonstrate their long-term confidence in Sky Hause.

This system underlines our commitment to creating a balanced, equitable ecosystem where every staker benefits proportionately to their stake and commitment. It’s an integral part of our mission to foster a thriving, engaged, and rewarded community.

Limited Slots, Infinite Possibilities

It's crucial to note that the opportunity to stake is limited. This design ensures that early participants benefit from their prompt action, reinforcing the value of being an active member of the Sky Hause community. To join, visit our staking platform: Sky Hause Staking App.

Security at the Forefront with Armada Fi

Understanding the paramount importance of security in digital transactions, our staking platform is developed in close collaboration with Armada Fi. Their expertise in blockchain finance and the rigor of their auditing processes mean your investments are secure. For peace of mind, we invite you to review the audit results here: Armada Fi Audit.

What Lies Ahead: The Sky Hause Roadmap

As the staking platform takes off, we're not resting on our laurels. The next significant milestone is the listing of our first real estate property on the Sky Hause DApp, expected in the upcoming 2-3 weeks. This move will not only diversify the opportunities within our ecosystem but also reinforce our mission to democratize real estate investment through blockchain technology.

Final Thoughts

Staking with Sky Hause is more than a transaction; it's an integral part of a larger vision to innovate and transform the real estate investment landscape. As you lock in your $SKYH tokens, you're not just securing rewards; you're investing in the future of real estate, supported by a platform committed to transparency, security, and community-driven growth.

We encourage you to seize this limited opportunity to be an early staker, earning rewards while contributing to the foundational strength of the Sky Hause ecosystem. With exciting developments on the horizon, including our first property listing, the journey ahead promises to be rewarding.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Sky Hause family. Together, we're building a future where real estate investment is accessible, secure, and rewarding for all.

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Bring Real World Asset (RWA) To Blockchain. Own, Invest and Earn Through NFTs on #Solana. Join The Sky Hause Community For a New Era of Investment

Copyright © 2024 SkyHause. All Rights Reserved


Bring Real World Asset (RWA) To Blockchain. Own, Invest and Earn Through NFTs on #Solana. Join The Sky Hause Community For a New Era of Investment

Copyright © 2024 SkyHause. All Rights Reserved


Bring Real World Asset (RWA) To Blockchain. Own, Invest and Earn Through NFTs on #Solana. Join The Sky Hause Community For a New Era of Investment

Copyright © 2024 SkyHause. All Rights Reserved